Monday, October 09, 2006

love life

the weather is beginning to change
fall knocking on the door
things getting better
my favorite time of the season on deck
i love it when the air outside starts getting a little crisp
the smell of wood burning in fireplaces
sunsets get even better
leaves turning
sweaters (just kidding there)
hard to believe we're going to be talking christmas again soon
it seems like we fondly said goodbye to christmas just a few weeks ago
but it was months wasn't it?
life speeds up
it's streaking by so fast now
i can hardly stand it
on this lazy monday afternoon
sun shining
a few high wispy clouds out there
not too hot outside
extremely pleasant
i'm using all my vague powers of concentration
to try and slow time down to a snails pace
see if i can make it happen
extra slo-mo
words sounding slurry and blurry now
fingers typing
feet stuck in slow drying cement
is it working?
i just burned an hour here
it felt like 3 minutes
gotta try harder i suppose

i still feel kind of strange being back home
drift away at various times during the day to see
family nourallah racing around europe
in our mini benz
G and guttentaag in the back seat eating chocolate
captain sensible on the ipod
jayme navigating command central
suitcase guitar stroller bavarian hat cds crammed in the back
basti's on the phone with news on the latest sellout
lori's got the latest escape route planned
how do we get out of the parking garage?
what's the guarantee tonight?
how do you say "the world is full of people who want to hurt you"
in german?
while i was there
i should've taken it all in with even more attention to detail
i sped through it
like mario nouretti
i went too fast
it went too fast
now it's gone
slipped through my fingers
on to a hard drive
i gotta bunch of pictures
2 hours of video
and a load of memories to show for it
mental souvenirs
memory trinkets
and a different feeling inside me
the plastic bubble needs a bandaid
but fall is coming to save the day
random thoughts that make me feel good about it all
jd's soon to be released cd
D.L. part 2
matt p. reunited in december and it'll feel so good
lefler not touring for a bit
finishing my record
reviving the pleasantry lane cd
long sleeve shirts
unpacking my coats
G as a robot on halloween
G getting in to christmas even more this year

tonight i get to see my old partner in happiness factor crimes
paul averitt
he's going to help put finishing touches on my record
i see the light at the end of the tunnel there
it's not a train
it's not a double album
i want to go back to europe before 2010
the double will take too long
so it's going to be 11 or 12 songs
mainly about the struggle
to have a decent happy life
it's a battle for all of us
some never make it
some choose to give up the fight
i understand how tired one can get
but i'm hopefully going to keep on trying
until the end
gotta love this life
even when it has you beat
and love it i do
love you all too




Anonymous bucks burnett said...


Life is a bitch, buy Her dinner!


10:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how do you say "the world is full of people who want to hurt you"
in german?
: Die Welt ist voller Menschen, die dich verletzen wollen.

4:00 PM  

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