Wednesday, October 04, 2006

bern oh bern oh bern

a blanket of melancholy
thrown over my shoulders
feeling disconnected
so many sad things to ponder today
before they were masked by denial
inability to process them
a change in perspective
allowed some things to come into focus
maybe better off left in the shadows
in a blur
shut out
this can't be my life?
this isn't really happening is it?
yeah it is
this is your life buddy
not all that kid you once were hoped for huh?
so hard when we're constantly changing
moving closer and further away from our loved ones
one day closer than you ever thought possible
years later no connection whatsoever
i'm going to keep trying
no matter how bad some days are
to keep my spirits up
not let it all get to me
i have a little son who needs me to hang in there for him

a question from a guy in frankfurt
"why do you write such sad songs?
they won't get you on the pop charts"
F*** the pop charts friend
this world is sad
the more you love it
the more you love
the sadder it is
i don't wanna wallow in the gloom all the time
but lets face it
try dreaming like the child you used to be
dream on into adulthood
dream dream dream
while the GW's wipe out everything
and the terrorists fly planes full of innocent people
into the sides of buildings
and everytime you turn on the news
something tragic has happened
all these things driving the child in us further away
too much pain and tragedy to bear
so you "grow-up"
get tough
pull on that second skin
and the ones who never develop that skill
end up social casualties

a trivial random sidenote

do you remember bern switzerland?
and club ono
what happened to me there
my horrible pay to play fiasco
well here's more for you...
i got an email this morning from basti
hotel goldener schlüssel in bern
had sent tapete a bill for 316 dollars
we never stayed there!!
when we'd arrived in bern we checked into our room
it was a dump
i mean a serious rat hole
4 x 4
no air
brown walls sheets beds bathroom
unbelievably bad vibe
and at 160 a night
a total euro rip-off
so we told the manager we wanted to change hotels
they had block off the windows in our room
so nothing but stale hot air was in there
how would our son breathe at night?
so reluctantly let us off the hook
after coming up to the room to make sure we had a son
now they send poor basti a bill????
thieving bastards
we're not gonna pay it
come to texas and get me i say!!

so now
for the internet unveiling
of my new "upbeat" hit single

"bern oh bern oh bern
you're a town full of crooks and scoundrels
and i'm never coming back
send me your bills in the mail
but i'm never gonna pay
oh i already payed to play
your crap town anyway!!!!"


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