Sunday, September 24, 2006

ghost of the beatles

the last 72 hours are a haze
of fatigue
saying goodbye to new friends
traveling on airplanes

we're home
it feels weird
sunday morning
the backyard looks like a jungle now
G and J asleep
i feel like i've had my bell rung
more than a little out of it
it's good to be back
i feel a little sad too
wondering if i'll ever see any of our german friends again
i think we will
it was a great trip
even though the end was really difficult

since i'd last left you
so much has happened
no internet to keep you posted
but that was our german waterloo anyway
so it was fitting
the short re-cap might take one or two episodes
here goes something at least until i have to go...

thursday we decided to cancel hannover
and head to hamburg
i was pretty bad
i've only cancelled 1 show in all my years of playing
now it's 2
it really bummed me out
the drive was no short one
5 hours
jayme had to do her first bit behind the wheel
i'm glad she got to
it was fun to watch her deal with the crazy autobahn

in hamburg we stayed at the hotel pacific
where the beatles supposedly stayed at the very end
of their hamburg days
when they could afford a hotel
it's a bizarre place though
frozen in time
garish yellow walls everywhere
striped green and beige carpets worn paper thin
stained bunching and no chance of touchimg my bare feet
the hotel never changed that or obviously anything else
since its inception
a time capsule
but not necessarily the good kind
small little rooms with tiny sinks in the corner
'cause you gotta share a bathroom
the elevator was so bond
silver sixties cool
only thing left that still had some charm
it's a pretty rough place to hang out in now
although i couldn't help but imagine
having a smoke in our room
looking out of the open windows
out into hamburg
or mac and george
going down the marble steps to the receptive desk
back when this place was cool and new
and not dingy and lifeless
at least the ghosts that haunted the hotel pacific
triggered my imagination in a good way

so even though i really only wanted to stay in bed
i felt like i should try and get out for a bit with
jayme and gavie
so we had some food european style
and walked around a bit in this very busy area
with tons of restaurants cd shops clothes stores
and nightclubs
people walking and riding bikes
the evening air was cool
my head was in a fishbowl
the next day
was the biggest day of the tour
my show at knust for the reeperbaum festival
and a big radio interview in bremen
i was worried that i wouldn't even be able to sing a note


Anonymous bucks burnett said...

As far as I can tell, you only made one error on your whole trip, but it's a drastic one. You came back to AmeriCo! Ah well, at least I can record at Pleasantry Lane again.

11:55 AM  

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