Tuesday, September 12, 2006

g soils lederhosen

we had an action packed monday
went to munich today
it was almost 90 outside
amazing weather
spent 4 hours strolling town center
giant pretzel and beer at the hoffbrau haus
people watching galore
lot's of characters
including us
found G some fetching secondhand lederhosen
a nice dark green with matching bavarian hat
he looked pretty funny with that and his clash shirt tucked in
to his leather shorts
we took plenty of pictures
and he got laughs everywhere we went
everyone at the kerosin club was really nice to us
mickey the sound man gave G some candy
which caused an explosion of sorts
we had made a dire parental mistake
gone up to the cafe to eat without the diaper bag
G has soiled his brand new lederhosen
and without knowing J picks him up
now he's gotten the special sauce all over the front of her white shirt
and favorite pants
all we could do was laugh
this had never happened before and it sucked
but it was pretty funny
how does one get poo stains out of lederhosen?
a good google search...
i documented G's less than triumphant return to the snooty dom hotel
walking up the steps bavarian hat clash shirt
diaper and no socks
lederhosen left to stink up tourmobile!!

later that night the first show went down
kerosin is a hip little club
a good dj spinning records
everyone who worked their was incredibly polite
5 or 6 disco balls swirling light around the dimly lit dance floor
they’d set up a P.A. in the middle for me
comfy sofas and overstuffed chairs set up in front of the stage
i played to about 20/25 uber enthusiastic people
they sat completely silent through every single song
but made a ton of noise showing their appreciation in between
the perfect audience
stomped and cheered me on to 2 encores
then i was requested to play a “mini” set
2 more encores followed that
felt like "the boss"
i played almost everything i’d prepared for the tour
and the best moment was the very last song
during “don’t be afraid”
the whole room sang the backup melody in unison
without me even egging them on to do it
it was a beautiful moment for me
thanks augsburg

i made some good friends too
me and simon the english bouncer
instantly hit it off
a smart funny guy with TONS of great stories
best one…how he took a chainsaw to a giant cross at Glastonbury
i hope he comes to texas someday for a visit
mikey the sound guy was really nice too
and vitus (pornounced: viteirs) the owner of kerosin
a true gentleman and patron of the arts
his flattery was so over the top
i think he kept me blushing for at least half an hour
after party at johans(?) i overdid it a bit
stayed up until 2:30
talking music and politics
i’m gonna pay the price tomorrow when we drive to Aachen
it’s about 7 hours away
and the autobahn is pretty draining
with all the traffic jams and start stop driving

internet situation is still ridiculous
i hope i'll be back again tomorrow!!!!


Blogger postmastabiotch said...

dude.. that story with G is so classic.. I am still laughing...

before I forget, the new Itunes 7 has a gapless song feature for your ipod so you can finally listen to Abbey Road the way God intended! So make sure and download it.

I new I had to type that cus I know I would forget to tell you when you get back.


9:18 PM  

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