Tuesday, August 29, 2006

thanks for the knight

rick nelson
the one man string section
who helped with the beautiful side of
beautiful noise
came over last night for some recording
our first session since noise
he's one of a kind
his love for music astounding
an all day rehearsal with polyphonic and then still the goodnatured energy
to come record for 6 hours
never complaining
always happy to be playing
even after his back and arms were killing him
and he's going to do it again everyday this week
a violin playing trooper
a picasso with the cello
a very special person
thank you rick

the clock is ticking on departure day
have i gotten everything i need to do
out of the way?
not a chance...
it's a to-do list avalanche around here
if you happen to be coming over to my house this week
please bring a pick axe
as you're screaming in my ear
sorry to say
there's unfortunately not much else to tell

since there was a staircase right in front of the stage
it was virtually impossible to have much of a crowd watching our 2am
to 4am performance
i guess we were there to add to the ambiance
a bit of scenery for the dancers
even our flamboyant manager donny
was nowhere to be seen that night
maybe he was watching TV in the coed bathrooms?

after our less than spectacular
but now oddly comedic dallas debut at starck
the world was
of course
at our beck and call
there was just no room left on our social climbing calendars
for poor donny
or his gold teeth
we were heading straight to the bottom
denton rockers on our way to oblivion

with no connections
other than where to buy X
and waning enthusiasm
possibly due to the realization
that we were going ot be bigger than the beatles
but he was not our epstein
or even our horshack
donny gracefully bowed out of the MF story
and exited stage right
i still like to picture him out there somewhere
disco dancing on into the night
big old gold toothed grin blazing in the flashing lights


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