Wednesday, August 23, 2006

meltdown city

i'm having a meltdown today
figuratively and
but i have to give you the surface things today
i'm sorry
i'm too worn out to wade into the deep

first of all
let me get my stradivarius out

it's tuned up really good now
D minor
time for my violin concerto number 9

for any texans reading this...
could the weather be any more MISERABLE today?
the dark comedy factor of this brutal summer
over now
i'm just pissed at mother nature
who is probably pissed at us
for polluting everything in sight
this sucks
al gore is right
i'm a believer al
i got my monkey suit and bowl cut on for you
it sucks sucks sucks
and i swear the summer's are getting worse
global warming is no hoax folks
i want to move to the polar ice caps today
or take a trip to germany

concerto number 7...
last night
i got the proof for the audio master of the pleasantry lane cd
heard all kinds of problems
but there's no time to fix them!!
a mini-melodramatic disaster on my hands
i had to beat it back into its cupboard with my broom
spent most of the last 24 hours dealing doing that
i know i know
play your violin S
i'm playing as fast as i can
the crisis is over as i've just left fedex
but it stressed me out really good
sweating like a devil
and cursing
i had that perfectionist guy in my brain
screaming obscenities at me
while i barely slept
'cause his voice was really loud

as i look up above this computer
at my list of things to get done
before i go on this tour
it looks more like war and peace to me
than a "to-do" list
too much to do
too little time
i need to chill out
but it's 9000 degrees inside and out
i've never been much of a drinker
i think you might see me at a local bar tonight
i'll take a summertime bob
on the rocks


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's awful. At least you'll escape here for three weeks. I think I need to do the same sometime soon, perhaps New York, for five days, in December. I like the cold. Better start saving now. Hope things improve prior to your departure. And if they don't, at least you'll have said departure to rely upon for relief. Whoo, departure.


2:44 PM  
Blogger desiree anastasia said...

a violin is too delicate an instrument to give you blisters sir.

3:59 PM  
Blogger Centuryhouse said...

Salim, it seems that it ate my comment, let me try again:

KLK - Kev? Good seeing you, it's been a while!

Salim - I totally understand the heat thing here, somebody turn the temp down about 25 degrees!!

As far as the master recording, sorry to hear about that. I know how upset I feel just hearing mistakes in my home recorded hack work that no one will hear, I can only imagine your feelings when you've got a pro-recorded work with so much more time and effort in it.

The upside is that no one will be as harsh a critic of it as you are. We will hear it and think it's great, without hearing those little things you fixate on. The curse of the perfectionist...

Daniel W.

9:35 AM  

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