Tuesday, August 22, 2006

i don't want to lose another friend this way

these aren't words of wisdom
or advice
this is just a plea
for the sake of the people all around you
who love you
you gotta fight this depression
that's swallowing you up
or it'll spit you out dead at the other end

this life is rolling past us
like a 90 ton freight train
an avalanche of time
it'll all be gone in a second
this day
is all we have
our limbs in tact
the sun still shining
they haven't blown up the world yet
it's never too late to turn things around
you may feel alone
like no one really cares
but there are people who love you
truly love you
you know it
they're all around you

if your parents are still here
please think of your mother holding you as a little baby
think of how much she loved that baby (you)
you're still loved like that
whether you feel it or not right now
no matter how much pain your parents may have caused you
please think of what your suicide would do to them
it will destroy the rest of ther lives

i know you don't wanna wallow in the misery
i know you don't
something inside dragging you down
is it chemical?
is it mental?
is it uncontrollable?
depression is sinister
it completely blinds us from seeing reality
it's delusional to the worst degree
but our minds have the ability to overcome anything
i believe this
fight your way through this fog
or you're gonna lose it all
you wanna be like a.g. and give up?
hurt everyone who ever loved you until the day the leave this earth?
you think everyone will be better off without you?
think again
that ridiculous self-loathing self-pity bullshit has got to stop
see the good in yourself again
i know you're tired
i know you're sad
i know you're lonely
reach out for your friends and family
when thoughts of ending your life invade your head
don't worry about being judged
your sadness is not a burden
they WILL NOT be better off without you!!!!

try to love this life again
don't give up


Blogger Centuryhouse said...

I wish your friend luck Salim, I hope they see the care all around them.

I know you've lost at least two friends this way, I have too. Be sure you tell them in person what you wrote in your blog - make them confront the care that you have.


9:35 AM  

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