Friday, August 18, 2006

martha and the vandellas got it right

when is this heatwave gonna come to an end?
can we call GW on the red phone
and tell him to turn down the global warming?
oh i know
he's too busy playing soldiers
too fiddle with the environment
what am i thinking?

the heat is dragging me down today
sucked all my energy
out my thumbs
melted my braincells
i just wanna sit like a lump
in my one summer outfit
on this uncomfortable green chair
and do nothing
but maybe type on my blog
or look at things i don't need
on ebay
gotta go out to the studio in a bit
for some sonic wizardry
not motivated one lick today
can gandolph cover for me?
i have a feeling
the day before i'm supposed to split
for the rhineland
the weather is gonna take a drastic turn
for the cooler
all dallas needs to do is get rid of SN
for some friggin' rain!!

i've been practicing for tomorrow night's show
over did it i think
my fingers hurt a little today
i hadn't had a chance to pick up my guitar in weeks
so the finger tips have gone "soft" on me
what a wuss
i know...

as i sit here
looking out over our once green and splendid yard
now parched and dying
begging for water
or a simple cloudy day
i turn my thoughts to the pleasantry lane cd
i'm getting impatient
i hope it makes it back from portland soon
we're running out of time
i wanted to have it before i split
the swiss are demanding a new
unavailable in europe SN cd
to be sold at my soldout salim does europe
2006 tour
they're threatening non-violent riots if i fail
it's coming down to the wire
i bet you all are on pins and needles
will salim's cd ever make it time?
will the fedex guy end up chasing our limousine on foot
with a 30 count box of cds
as we speed off to the airport
who knows what's gonna happen next in nourallahland
bearded women?
headless gimps?
bass playing chickens?
it's an endless parade of assorted sad oddities around here
so you'd better tune in to the next episode of
as the nourallahblog turns
to find out what's next
i assure you
you don't wanna miss anything!!


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