Sunday, August 20, 2006

a pleasant sunday letter

spending some time around the house today
with G
gonna work on my record tonight
thanks to those of you who came out to bend last night
it was nice to get to play my songs for you
and relax for a little bit
it's been a hectic month
i've been working doubletime
trying to earn the right to relax
once i go on rock'n'roll vacation next month
yesterday wasn't a very good day for me
but i felt better after i saw you
and played my songs
music almost always helps me escape

i hope the set last night wasn't too long
there were still songs i wanted to try out
that i didn't get around to playing
i get kind of sick of myself around the 40 minute mark
the chuck barris in me starts itching to hit
the giant gong

ones i skipped last night were
"missing you"
forgot the bleedin' first line
it came to me at 2am though!
"somewhere the lights don't shine"
sorry kenneth
chickened out on that one 'cause my voice was feeling a bit rough
texas is a bad state for singing you know
all kinds of stuff in the air
allergies were killing me yesterday (and today)
i know
excuses excuses excuses!!
"sunday morning"
didn't think you all could bear another sad one

thanks again
i gotta get back to G now




Anonymous grace said...

it always makes me happy to hear your songs. if this were a perfect world (i believe we're far from one, though) you would play waaaay past the 40 minute mark and we could all hear "sunday morning" more than once. even in this unperfect world, the vrooms don't stop talking about how wonderful and talented you are. bunk and i have been bopping our heads to "mr. critic" all day. it's nice to have your songs as a connection even though we live thousands of miles apart. once again, i want to thank you for putting every last bit of energy you have into your's had a huge impact on my life.

all the best to jayme and gavin. they must be fantastic to have around!!

7:30 PM  

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