Saturday, September 02, 2006

polaroid (part 2)

missing funerals
might be my favorite recording on polaroid
sadly based on real events
i did miss my grandfather's funeral in the fall of 2002
i was too busy
trying to finish avoid danger before i left on tour
with r.m. for 2 months
i shouldn't have done that
i regret it
i loved him very much
he was a very special person

we did some things
i was working late late hours
usually after paying sessions in the studio
up until dawn sometimes
we did some things came to me in front of the recorder
i was fooling around with this mellotron sound
it set the sn imagination in to high gear
written and recorded on the spot
unlike most of my songs which are already finished before recording starts
may 23 2003
2 days before our wedding anniversary
i had the whole thing done around 6am
i paid the price the next day

this is another note to my coming soon son
"look sonny, your parents used to be hip!!"

the beatbox drums
jerk and sputter
almost falling out of time
because i had to lay it back over the track
after i had already recorded everything else
every 2 measures or so they would drift out of time
it took me 3 or 4 hours to get it to work right
going a measure at a time
oh the inefficient glory of the pre-computer recording days!

a family disease
i knew i was gonna catch hell for this one
i'm a stubborn you-know-what though
never been very good at the songwriting self-edit
to try and stave off potentially hurt feelings
i don't know if this is good bad or extremely selfish of me
i obviously ploughed ahead with this one
i hoped that maybe the writing on the back of the cd
could be small enough for them to miss the title?
i only vaguely remember writing this song
in our duplex before G came
march 12 2003
i guess i was thinking about what kind of father i was gonna be
hoping i wouldn't pass on the deep mistrust of humankind
that ran on one side of my family
the polaroids do a better version of this on the PL cd

the ones who hurt us
the first song i did with a. kelley
no one but me and him on this one
nice guitar and scratchy drums
another one i had laying around
used to be called "matador"
MF demoed it in '92
really wild chords
i'd written it while i was living in plano
mom had given me a cd by the spanish composer rodrigo
this came out after repeatedly listening to it
about a fatal flaw

one foot stuck in the past
recorded with faris
about a year before i started work on most of polaroid
written during a dark period of my life
"come around to leave you at dawn..."
well, you can only imagine what trouble i might have been up to
f thought i didn't like the way this one turned out
i did
that's why i stuck it on the record
could've ended up just being a finger picked acoustic number
if not for his imagination
i think a lot of people i've met seem to like this one the most
it's c. holts' favorite


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"One Foot..." is probably my favorite on Polaroid as well. I used to listen to that record so much, alternating with Talking Heads' '77 and New Order's Power, Corruption and Lies while working at this awful job, the only perks being that I could listen to CDs at my desk without the boss knowing, and that I could drink as much tea as I liked. The songs I'd wait for, respectively, were "One Foot Stuck in the Past," "The Book I Read," and "Blue Monday." It was a terrible existence, but the music was good. This was also around the time a record of my own was started, in my bedroom, upon leaving this particular job after only a month.

Can't wait to hear what the PL disc is like.


12:28 PM  
Blogger Centuryhouse said...

At the time I first heard it, I wondered how 'A Family Disease' would go over with the fam.

11:45 PM  

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