Monday, September 04, 2006

we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming

it's a drizzling sleepy day
a stillness (other than squirming G)
blanketing my house
labor day
no one's working
streets are quiet
rain gently falling
banks closed
clouds hovering
postman in the bahamas
one more session for me though
in about an hour
tonight i'll try and ipod all the rough mixes of my stuff
so i can assess and critique
while i have a break from everything
i want to come back with a plan on how to finish
this sprawling mess
my sandinista?

i'm ready
mind is clear
to do list all checked off
responsibilities taken care of
almost collected
ready to leave our home for awhile
ready for the highs
and the lows
it's gonna be fun
but i know there will be times when it's tough
gotta roll with the blows
this is going to be one of the biggest adventures i've been on
in a long time
i've no expectations really
just looking forward to a change
i'm excited about playing my songs for these people far away
while i'm there
i wanna see
as much as i can

i was up until 3am saturday night
looked up the websites to all the venues i'm playing
don't know why it didn't hit me earlier to do that
(you can find the links on myspace/salim)
it got my imagination fired up
and led to the realization that i'm about to step into
a completely different world
it's gonna be a trip

i'm gonna try to blog about it while i'm there
got the laptop ready for action
expecting to only have time to do this late at night
before bedtime
so bonzo nourallah is ready to type the action
stay tuned for the big adventure...

(polaroid part 3 coming tomorrow)


Blogger Centuryhouse said...

'Bonzo' Nourallah? I thought it was 'Shayboob'?


9:26 AM  

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