Tuesday, September 12, 2006

fleabag hotel aachen

it’s 2am
i’m exhausted
can’t sleep though
we’re in an awful hotel in aachen
i don’t even wanna take my clothes off to get in bed
missing augsburg a lot
not planning on coming back here again
this hotel is like what i'd imagine a polish YMCA would like like
bad vibe here
like a lot of folks have died here or something
depressing as hell
we’re bailing on it first thing tomorrow and finding a better one

had a really long drive on the autobahn today
too many cars and not enough highway in this country
road construction every 15 minutes
down to 2 lanes so narrow you can barely squeeze past the giant trucks on the right
i”d hate to drive these roads at night
my nickname for the autobahn is
not the most advanced highway in the world
far from it…
they egg the germans on with the “no speed limit” thing
with all the traffic jams even mario andretti’s gonna average 50 miles per hour

the best part of today was lunch in Heidelberg
where twaine wrote “tramp abroad”
J and i both agreed we have to come back to this place
it’s amazing
a ruined red brick castle looks down upon the town
beautiful river splits the lush hillsides
i wish we could have stayed longer
made me think of driving through texas
“hey, let’s lunch in big spring!!!”

the show at jacobzhof tonight was pretty good
i opened for dirk d.
wish i was doing so more with him
‘cause we really like him
a super cool guy
about 25 very polite audience members in attendance
i think i played a good set
my voice felt better than last night
and the audience seemed to like me again
if not quite up to Augsburg manic intensity
this is the set i played:
the world is full of people
a way to your heart
model brothers
nothing ever goes right
i’ll be around
black and white boy (for paul hester)
never say never

like augsburg
i sold a good amount of merch
especially considering how small the crowd was
the club had nice lighting and good sound
dirk sounded GREAT
jacobshof lacked a bit on the personality side of things
not nearly the flare or charm of kerosin but still ok i guess
G was so well-behaved today
made us very proud
he made it through my entire set without a peep
clapped between songs and cheered 1978
played the harmonica dirk gave him and did a little dance
in between sets
he even watched most of d.d.’s set pretty attentively
i still can’t believe how good he’s been

the rex theater show in wuppertal was canned yesterday
not enough advance ticket sales
i was on the bill all by myself
a 500 euro guarantee that we lost
so that one’s gonna hurt the pocketbook a lot
oh well
we’re gonna use the new day off to drive through france
in route to bern switzerland
that’s the great thing about europe
lose a gig
still win out

i’m playing aachen again tomorrow night
different club i can’t spell the name of
my farewell to this place
i hope we stumble upon some cool part of town tomorrow
something we missed today 'cause right now it looks kinda bleak here
you never know though
the cool thing about europe is boundless charm can always be
just a kilometer away


Anonymous alfred hindsight said...

Thanks for the trouble of bloogy-ing for us - fun to read and it puts little pictures of Europe in my head. Glad you had the dream gig and Gavin's uberdump still cracks me up. Dallas has changed SO MUCH since you left...NOT!

9:25 PM  
Blogger Centuryhouse said...

Keep up the travelogue, those of us who can't currently travel can live vicariously through you guys.

Glad to hear the show went well, good luck on the next one. Enjoy yourselves.

10:55 PM  

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