Tuesday, September 19, 2006

the swiss dichotomy

we escaped bern to the alps
had the most beautiful drive of my life
at the end of this tour we’ll be posting the picture blog
as words aren’t adequate enough to describe
most of the scenery we’ve seen
you just have to see the pictures
we drove right into the heart of the alps
parked our car in stechelberg
then took a gondola up to murren
you wouldn’t believe how high up this town is
once again jayme found the best hotel in the place
our room looked right out into the chasm over the valley
spectacular snowcapped mountains directly across
it was the most astounding view i’ve ever
we really lucked out with the weather too
sunny and in the seventies
some people spend their whole year saving up to come here
only to get rain all week
we took the half hour walk down the mountain to gimmelwald
just like rick steves told us
and i finally got to see the switzerland i had always imagined
it does exist
you just have to travel a bit to get to it
this was our best day yet

sunday was another story
pouring down rain when we woke up
the mountains took on an ominous presence now
our trip to the shilthorn at the very top of the alps
ruined by a blizzard
so we headed out to basel early
it’s on the german border
and the last swiss show
basel continued the swiss dichotomy
the countryside of this place is astounding
its cities
utterly annoying
road construction and chaos everywhere
completely opposite of the country
we arrived in basel around 3pm and our navigation system took us to
a 3/4 of a mile long warehouse
looking abandoned
with no address numbers and lots of punk rock graffiti on the outside
we thought we must be in the wrong place so we drove back out
and ended up heading to germany on a toll raod
i admit i then did some swearing and banging on the steering wheel
2 hours later we finally found waggenmeister
at the entrance of the long warehouse
we’d actually driven right past it on our way in!!!!
that was a pretty frustrating realization…

turns out the venue
is run by the kindest person we’ve yet encountered on this tour
ibrahim ishmail
exact opposite in every way to daniel k. of ONO
his hospitality made our day
cooked us up a 10 course meal before showtime
hummus, falafel, spaghetti, eggplant (the way my mom makes it)
it was so good
he’d also made sure the the quarters we were staying in
above the club
were G friendly
even had a simpsons comic book there for him
next morning he made us breakfast before we went
and even converted our francs to euros
he said he might take the night train up to hamburg for the last show
i really hope he does
what a sweet
kind soul
swiss dichotomy even in the 2 club owners we dealt with

the internet situation with us is still stupid
that’s an entire blog in itself best saved for when i get back
more blog as soon as i can get on again!!


Anonymous bucks burnett said...

There's certainly no calculating the ratio of insulting people vs. uplifting people in this nutty nutty world but I say love the good ones with zest and delete the rest. By the way those are TUXEDO'd crows pecking at the bones of our twerpy little club owner...You're doing a really great job of describing everything; I can't wait til you get to Oklahoma!

11:36 PM  

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