Wednesday, September 20, 2006

bonn, james

i'm sitting on my bed at the chelsea hotel
in köln
super mod german room
with 5 skylights
white ikea looking cabinets
an eamesesque round tulip table
gorgeous bathroom with really high ceilings and more skylights
we're on the top floor
if you look up from the street below
this part of the hotel looks like a jagged metal box
jutting out over the edge of the original part of the structure
it's really cool
we have a nice view looking out over the city center
and air conditioning
the first room we've had with that!

i'm not feeling very good today
running a slight fever
i think i caught something from G
he came down with something in switzerland
it's raining outside
so i guedoesn't doesn't matter
prwouldn't wouldn't have been able to see much today

i played a show in bonn last night
it was good to be back in germany
siebeth and his band opened
they're from hamburg
and really good
funny too
we played a great little place called mausefalle (the mousetrap)
more really nice club owners
peti and georg sonksen
the club is in a basement
it's decorated with all kinds of cool and strange stuff
old posters
life preservers
stop lights
has a very cozy english pub feel to it
a cool place

at the end of my set the siebeth guys got up on stage
and beat on things, sang, etc.
we played "never say never"
"she'd walk a mile"
and the rollicking encore
"gonna be a rockstar"
i had my first rowdy drunk experience
a strange little fellow
with an adolph mustache bavarian hat and comb over
sadly drinkinstuporelf into a stuper
at the front
he would blurt out (really loudly)
he made the rest of the audience uncomfortable
and embarassed
i think they thought he was bothering me
but he wasn't
i thought it was funny

i'm opening for a band from bonn tonight
called voltaire
they're supposed to be popular in this area
and the people in bonn said they think they're
"the shit"
i'm not getting paid because voltaire's manager
didn't feel like it was warranted
so i'm hoping to sell some cds
to pay for this fancy hotel room

only 4 more shows left
feeling really run down right now
not enough sleep
running only on adrenalin over the last couple of weeks
i need to get a decent night of sleep after the show

we'd like to see the famous koln cathedral before we leave tomorrow
to frankfurt
about 3 hours away
i'll try and write you from there

p.s. the pleasantry lane cds never made it
it was detained by customs


Anonymous bucks burnett said...

This is for you, not the bloggy, don't know if yer gettin' reg. e mails. Remember when I thought of The Skepticians and you wrote that song> Of course you do. It's the biggets part of your career. Anyway, here's part 2. I've made up a word and I'm gonna use it as a song title: THE APOLOGICIAN. It was inspired by your friend Mr. D(ic)K. It's gonna be about all the sweet little cheaters who con their way through life and abort the dreams and hopes of artists and musicians, and his little tricks for getting away with it. "He's slicing up the stars and they're for sale just like used cars." Something like that. I gotta get it just right cause I love the title. Feel free to pitch in if the mood hits - it could be our first cowrite!

2:03 PM  

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