Thursday, September 21, 2006

sick in frankfurt

we're in our tiny room 2 floors above das bett
in frankfurt
on the rhine
we read this town wasn't very cool
but i like it
it's split down the middle by the river
and there's a nice walk on the east side
we're in the club district
cobblestone streets blocked off to cars
and tons of irish pubs
das bett is the nicest club i've played
great sound and lights
kind of reminds me of the largo in LA

i've gotten really sick
came down with a high fever before the show last night
it was awful
i barely made it through my set
and then came down with the worst chills ever
it was a bad day
and long night
i feel completely exhausted
mentally and physically
it's been a little daunting playing all these shows completely by myself
i already feel so much better for it
and more confident 'cause no one has bottled me
or booed me
or yelled
"go home yankee!!"
but i don't know what to do today
we're supposed to drive to hannover
and then to hamburg after the show
a lot of driving
a long long day even if i was 100%
i'm not sure i have it in me
so i'm thinking about heading straight to hamburg
tomorrow is a big day
the most important show of the tour
and an important radio performance
so if i don't use today to try and recuperate
it's could be a disaster
so i'm going to post this thing now
and then take a few minutes to figure out a plan




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bummer. Hope you feel better.


5:22 PM  
Anonymous snoop bloggy blog said...

Dude - I wrote that song The Apologician I mentioned, inspired by your evil club mgr. twit. Except that it ended up not being about him at all. But it turned out well, the second longest song I've ever written. At one point he battles The Skeptician, so I guess we'll have to share that one. Anyway I'm thrilled with the song - much of it is about Bush/Republicans/idiots/false messiahs/Christians/breakfast cereals. This won't fit with your bloggy but wanted to let you know. I feel like I had a real breakthrough with this one - like I can write anything now. maybe I will! Luv, BigBucks. Key to J!

10:38 PM  

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