Sunday, October 01, 2006

grumpy the dwarf nourallah

if i were one of the seven dwarfs today
i'd be grumpy nourallah
sitting here on a sunday afternoon
supposed to work on my record tonight
don't feel like it
i'm gonna cancel the session
i've got no motivation
the pleasantry lane fiasco has taken the wind out of my sails
i'm staring at the boxes of 70 worthless cds
i want to smash em up
i'm so angry and frustrated
today my motto is
"why bother???"
so i won't...
i'm also staring at my october calendar
it's really crowded
i'm over-committed
i don't feel like there's any room left for me
i need a lesson in pacing
i did it to myself
i'm the only one to blame
at the same time
i'm grateful life has me in so much demand
so what's my problem today?
i wanna hop the next flight outta town
i'm thinking about somewhere tropical
i know
this is getting a bit depressing already
it's sunny outside
but gloomy in here
i'll probably pick up the guitar after i finish this blog off
this is usually the mood the elicits songs
the low hits
after the high
responsibility is calling my name
and speaking of responsibility...
if you know anyone that needs a cool new place to live
we're auditioning renters over here
they don't even have to sing in pitch or dance well
just have a decent job!!
this duplex is the place G spent his first year
it has sentimental value to me
so i want to find someone who won't abuse it

i'll be back again
hopefully when i'm in a better mood


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