Thursday, September 28, 2006

the lag

this week has been strange
almost dreamlike
are we really back?
i feel like a zombie
going through the motions
i haven't seen any of my friends yet
makes returning anti-climactic
no one to tell the tales to
i wanna share what i've just done and seen
but i don't feel like going out
i'm supposed to later tonight but i just want to go to sleep

in the mail today came the pleasantry lane cd
a full-fledged bomb
a disaster
the artwork so jacked up i tossed it in the trash
i'm not giving it to one soul
certainly not selling it
until the label fixes their mistakes
and if they don't
then the cd is finished
i'll bury it under 10 tons of dirt
so it was a little depressing to me
and anger provoking
what a fiasco
i promise i will not sell an inferior product though
no matter how much pressure i'm put under to do so
so in the trash they go!!!
until someone gets it right

jayme and i are both in agreement
some changes have to be made around here
it was good to step away from our lives
i think that's part of the good of travel
it gives you a different perspective
it's important
so i'm not sure what we're going to do
but some things have got to change
one small thing already
we're shutting off the computer during the day
we realized it was sucking way to much of our time
and attention
also had this thought today
maybe we need a vacation from our vacation?
go somewhere and not actually work harder than we do at home
lay on a beach
take it easy
who knows?
i'm trying to figure it all out
just like you
it's a constant work in progress

i find myself being drawn back to the photos of our trip
it still feels like i'm there when i look at them
i guess that's why we take them
to draw us back to the moment
no matter how far away it's become
only a week has gone by
i'm not here at all
nowhere close to being in the moment
i've got one foot stuck in the past
that's for sure


Blogger Centuryhouse said...

Salim, glad you all made it back!

Sorry to hear about the Pleasantry Lane cd screw ups. Sounds extremely agrravating. I want one of the screwed up copies for posterity, it'l be worth a fortune when the corrected version is a hit. :)


9:05 PM  

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