Thursday, October 05, 2006

hamsters take polaroids

been playing 3 songs by liam finn
over and over and over again
he let me and G download them
thank you liam
a very nice thing to do for us!
you should go to
and click on liam's page
then enjoy his music

the rat race is back in full swing
i'm a little nourallah hamster
on the big wheel of life
just like you
when i think i'm pushing a bit ahead
the green cheese is almost in reach
i'm stretching out
gonna get it
wham!!!!!!!!!!!!! (minus andrew r.)
another setback
go back to a stand still

today we found out
some big medical bills coming our way soon
probably won't be able to pay them without plastic
gotta keep a chin up
plough forward
it's frustrating
but part of this thing we're in
i think it's that way for all of us
it'll be ok
won't it?
please tell me it will

today i'm supposed to work on my record
i'm ready to start that wheel rolling again
i want to get it finished by the end of the year
so we can get back to germany in '07
i'm re-thinking the double now
it'll take too much time
it's too many songs for one singer to sing
and one writer to write
maybe a bonus e.p. included with the cd?
we'll see...
my second guessing is all part of the process i suppose
constantly re-evaluating
drifting away in the middle of conversations
because an idea interupts
oh, a lyric i need to fix
a bassline too loud
an edit for the last chorus is the ultimate answer!!!
eyes glaze over
i'm somewhere else
my wife is talking to me
i'm sorry
i hate this
i'm trying to not do this anymore
i'll be better once i finish my record
i will
i promise
there will be peace
peace and temporary mental silence
it comes when the record is finally finished
that is only
if they don't screw everything up at the pressing plant
(see pleasantry lane cd for more details)

have the polaroids played their last show?
jason g. moving to san antonio this week
dallas is losing one of its finest all-around musicians
i know he's still going to be around
deathray davies and i love math have no plans of stopping
don't worry
but 5 hours I-35 separation might make it hard for the p's
to overcome
longhorn ballroom december 1st
might be my rock'n'roll comeback show
sooner than i had planned
but the art conspiracy is calling
gotta do my share to help out
who will join me?
a mystery to me on october 5 2006


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