Wednesday, October 11, 2006

the last boy of summer?

it's been a good week
we rented our duplex to a really nice person
a weight off the shoulders
i've had some nice days with G
he's been so funny and well-behaved
i haven't bothered too much with the email
or phonecalls
kept distractions to a minimum
made some more progress with my record
told hotel goldener schussel in bern
to F off
even managed to get a little songwriting in
the weather is getting better
that always affects my mood
i'm not a summer guy
maybe you noticed?
sun and fun - not really
bathing suits - good for girls
swimming pools - i might sit by one fully clothed
tans - best left for george hamilton and pamela and
volleyball - too much sand in the shoes
sweating - don't care for it much
all the things normally associated with summer
not my bag
how i ever got stuck here in texas
god only knows
i was born in illinois afterall
i guess the northerner in me
is stuck in my blood
i like cloudy days
cold weather
it's snowing in my heart, right?
listening to music
when the sun isn't blazing and it's 150 degrees
i come from a family with a tradition
of traveling great distances
to gaze upon bodies of water
without actually getting in them
no scuba diving for fayez and karen's ilk (too dangerous)
tanning (cancer)
surfing (death by shark attack)
sailing (weak stomachs)
jet skiing (decapitation or worse...jet burn)
you get the picture
i remember when i was 13 or 14
we drove all the way from el paso to corpus christi
it was around christmas time
when we got there it was cloudy and cold all week
didn't matter
my parents weren't planning the perfect beach vacation
we weren't actually there to get in the water
only look at it
in the desert there isn't much in that department
so it made it so much more fascinating to us
than the rest of the world
we kind of walked around the beach
poked and prodded it
in our bad gym shorts
(i think we didn't even have bathing suits)
my little brother ameer got attacked by some jellyfish
we wore t-shirts at all times
no bare chested nourallahs!!
we bought shrimp and fish in the local markets
mom cooked it up in our tiny rented beach condo
we stayed out of the water mostly
to us desert folks
corpus stunk to the high heavens
nothing else happened
the coppertone girl never fell in love with me
then we drove 11 hours
all the way back to dusty old el paso


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