Sunday, October 15, 2006

botox rock

a rainy sunday morning
freshly cut grass
cool air coming in the open windows
a bit of a hodge podge planned for today
a couple of hours of work around 1
then max's birthday party to attend
that's gonna be fun even though the outdoor plans
got rained out
kind of an unspectacular weekend so far
lots of work in the studio for me
two shows i should have gone to but was too worn out
to attend

earlier this weekend
i started getting the itch to play with the noise again
i haven't had the urge in months
when we did the last rock show
in july
i welcomed the peace
and quiet
it's pretty time consuming arranging practices
and shows
around the hectic schedules of 5 scattered musicians
i felt like promoting beautiful noise had run it's course
almost a year of playing the same set
we had a bunch of wonderful shows
it was time to take a break
the break has done me good
i've enjoyed it
but it's always a little weird for me
to take a holiday
i don't know why
i guess i think i might not ever come back
you get in the habit of doing something
it's easy
it becomes second nature
but coming back is the hardest part for me
maybe thinking about playing again in december is premature?
i need to spend all of my own music nights
working on finishing my record
not rehearsing
this band is so good though
not much rehearsing is ever needed
we'll see
maybe a mid december return at the granada?
if this show falls through i'm not going to sweat it
top of the year we'll be back with a new album
new set
new hairdos
plastic surgery and botox
re-vamped and detuned
and ready to play the grapevine autoshow


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