Sunday, October 21, 2007

european blog rudely interupted by american

i'm interrupting the euro travel blog
because i'm just not feeling it this morning
i'm in the here and now
right now
so many things happening
i want to write about october 21
not september 21
the memorial show for carter
happened last night
at the granada
it was a huge success
tons of people attended
the slideshow commemorating his life
was beautiful
the whole event was pulled off with style
and grace
everyone who played last night
was at their very best
pleasant grove
the slack
the drams
reed easterwood
the old 97s
but the most touching performance for me
came from sorta
they played some of carter's classic sparrows songs
like men possessed
it was a powerful rock'n'roll moment
the likes of which i have never seen before
carter would be proud
i still can't believe carter is gone
i'm still in total shock
and disbelief
as i stood in the back of the dark theater
i kept waiting for the lights to come on
and his low voice to come over the P.A.
saying"ok - the joke's over.
i'm not really dead...gotcha!!"

i feel completely worn out today
mentally exhausted
the second we got back from europe
i went straight into 12 to 14 hour days
trying to get the studio ready
for the old 97s
we were still working on it
15 minutes before rhett arrived
the renovation turned out better than in my wildest dreams
but there's still work to be done
before we unveil the new pleasantry lane
at the party you will be invited to
the last week was a beautiful blur
of long days spent recording
the old 97s
we're off to a really good start
and i've loved every moment of it
but it's taken me away from jayme and gavin
in a time of need
i'm sad to tell you
jayme's had a miscarriage
it's so hard to not think of the life
that could've been
i don't feel like saying too much more
i just wanted you to know
we'll be ok
we're just trying to get through it right now

i hope all of you are doing ok




Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry about jayme :(

hope you are well.

your pal,


11:37 AM  
Blogger Centuryhouse said...

Oh Salim, I am so sorry! Please pass on my and Paula's sympathies to Jayme. We are so saddened for you both (or all three). We wish you and Jayme the best.

Glad to hear the Carter show went well, I didn't even hear about it or know it was happening. Out of the loop I guess. It's a shame that the show couldn't have included Carter and been for a happier occasion. I loved the Sparrows stuff. :-(


8:32 PM  

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