Tuesday, May 19, 2009

day 14 - La Taverne (Part 1)

we finally got going around 11:30
Amy and Eric said we’d better run up to the market for some supplies
because on Sunday they close at noon
in the checkout line I noticed one of my posters hanging
near the exit
Eric had apparently put them everywhere to promote the show
we joked around about having me do a “signing” near the Fromage section
which was unreasonably cold
Spinal Tap would have nothing on us!
a five minute drive through the country took us to another town
and another market
where Eric bought an assortment of cheeses
I got some apple juice 2 bananas and some fruit cups for G
we then walked up the street to a bakery
the second Gavin saw the 3 foot long loaf of bread
he shouted out “that’s what I want Dada – that’s what I want!!”
on the way back to the car Eric challenged a speeding driver to slow down
in French
with hand motions
almost like a bullfighter
it was exciting
back at the house we had cheese and bread
drank tea
and talked
I could listen to Eric tell stories for ages
he gave me a tour of his studio
and played some unreleased tracks
while J and G explored the backyard with Amy
Eric’s collection of vintage instruments was like a shrine for me
I’ll post a video later of it
around 2 we decided we should get out for a bit
as it was a beautiful day
we drove 10 minutes to a little Chalet/castle
and popped into a local tavern for some snacks
Abba played the entire time we were there
it was charming


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