Friday, May 18, 2007

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i'm playing the granada theater tonight
with the noise
we're not playing again until the cd release show
in late july
chris holt left for the UK with johnny rollins
so zech lumpkin will be filling in for him
he sounded amazing in practice wednesday night
i'm looking forward to it
i wanted badly to play this show because my good friends
the damnwells
all the way from NYC
are headlining
i haven't seen them in ages
we made friends way back in '03
on the rhett miller instigator tour
i love them
so i wanted to make sure i could make it out tonight
the best way to insure that was to play on the same bill
alex d. is married now
i just found out
i'm really happy for him
i want to hear all the details
we play at 8:45
you might be able to jones a pre-release copy
of snowing in my heart from me
i only have a handful
the code word is


Blogger Gilly said...

Dude, the instigator tour was the '02! haha believe me, I remember that date ;)

if i say dolphin here, does it still work? no way i was gonna be in the TX last week...


6:31 AM  

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