Sunday, April 15, 2007

warp factor 6

i'm playing hookie with gavin today
i was supposed to go in to the studio
but i just couldn't muster the energy
monday's manic session with jon brion fried everyone
he was only available for one day
and went from 1pm to 4am
it was the most frantic recording session i've ever been a part of
i've never seen anything like it
hopping from one instrument to another
an onslaught of musical ideas that we'll be sorting out
for weeks
fun but mentally exhausting for everyone but jon!!
he's the energizer bunny of rock'n'roll
"i can drink beer and play guitar all night!!!"
and he did...

going home in 3 days
i can't believe how fast this whole thing has rushed by
it's been weird totally disconnecting from our life back in texas
i already knew that i loved what we have back there
but this whole thing has re-inforced my feelings
there's this feeling i get out here
people desperately chasing after fortune's tail
it makes me uneasy
when i first visited here with faris
13 years ago
maybe i was one of those people?
in the sense that i was looking for a life i had no hopes of finding
until i reached 30
what about this record we're making?
gary louris from the jayhawks
is flying in from minnesota today
to sing backups
rhett and i are both studio fried
our trip to disneyland yesterday has me feeling re-energized
gavin loved it
it wore him out though
poor little guy is still sleeping and it's almost 11am!!
patrick warren
(george's quote "the original jon brion")
came in earlier his week and played some amazing piano
and chamberlain
he was great
rhett played the largo last night
but we were so worn out from d-land
that we stayed home and watched "village of the damned" instead
(hurt/weaver version)
i loved it and then passed out...


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