Monday, March 26, 2007

happy monday

sunday afternoon
the nourallah factory was in full tilt
we worked really hard yesterday
jayme on a photo shoot
with chemistry set
me in the studio with bobby g.
it felt good
our dream of self-employed independence
fully realized
set in action with the utmost efficiency
how lucky i felt
to spend a day working on great music
and then getting paid
at the end of it

an overcast windy monday morning
today i'm going up to crystal clear
with my friends bucks and hubert
to master the rachel bazooka cd
a saucerful of trippy pop
it's going to be fun to hear it on THE BIG SPEAKERS!!!!
and hang out with my friends
celebrate a record well done
tomorrow i go back to crystal clear
to finally master snowing in my heart
i can't wait to hear that on THE BIG SPEAKERS!!!
when i'm done tomorrow
i'm gonna send one to r.m. and a few labels WV asked me to hit
i haven't made a change to my record in 2 weeks
so i must be truly sastified with it
now i listen through
and all the previous nagging little bits
have gone away
it feels GOOD!!!!!
and to think...
i once was of the opinion that i'd never make anything
i could actually listen to
what a horrible feeling
i'm glad i overcame that one
not until polaroid actually
so it took me 14 years bucks
it sucked
what's the use of making music if you can't even
enjoy the fruits of your labor?

i'm in a great mood today
all the bad little events of last week
completely gone
and now i'm going to enjoy a nice bowl of raisin bran
with a sliced banana
and look out over the lush green grass
growing in my backyards

have a nice day folks!




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really happy for you :)

your pal,


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