Saturday, March 24, 2007

i wonder how it feels to hate

this afternoon
jayme is in the house with G
i'm in the studio working
she hears a loud aggressive banging
at the front door
she looks out of the peep hole
and sees a solicitor
she's busy cooking dinner
she doesn't feel like answering
next thing she knows
she hears a banging on G's door
now she's beginning to get a little creeped out
then she sees a man walking down the drive
to the photo studio
sweating profusely
walking fast
he starts banging on the studio door
he's now in our backyard
he turns around and catches a glimpse of her
peering out from the kitchen window
he runs to our back porch
and starts banging on the back door
she knows he's seen her so she steps out
and says, "yes????"
he yells
"i'm not a burglar or a jehovah's witness...ha ha ha...
i need two minutes of your time"
she says, "i don't have two minutes"
"you don't have two minutes?"
"no, i don't have two minutes"
he says, "oh, i see...because i'm black!!!!!"
she says, ""that has nothing to do with it"
he sneers
turns and starts to leave
then turns around and waves his fingers tauntingly at gavin
a menacing, "hi little boooooooy....." comes out
gavin is hiding behind jayme's legs
he knows something is wrong
he's scared of the angry man
the sweaty man sneers again
and walks away

my wife and son were supposed to be at my show tonight
gavin was excited about going all day
he talked about seeing grandma and grandpa
and sia
and about being a "good audience member"
he was ready to have a good night
on their way down the street to my show
they saw the man
he was walking back toward our house
jayme got a bad feeling
and decided it wasn't safe to leave the house unattended
so they turned around and went back home
set the alarm on safe mode
and stayed in
they missed my show

that man
and his little ball of hate
ruined what should've been a beautiful night
and nice day
our soft existence
shaken up
a little jab through the bubble
a reminder of the ugliness and hatred
that surrounds

i wish him a lotta luck
his anger is going to blow up in his face one day
when karma comes back around
i believe it will
i believe it always does
and i'm sitting here wondering tonight
at 1am
how it feels to hate so much

and it's made me sick to my stomach

be safe my friends




Anonymous Joanna Satana said...

What a fuckin creep. Y'all be SUPER careful when you come and go, and be sure to shine your lights in the bushes around your house when you pull up at night. I don't wanna scare ya, but he could have been casing your keep yer eyes peeled. Good thing y'all have an alarm! It sucks to be paranoid at your own damn house. What a violation.


8:02 PM  
Blogger Centuryhouse said...

I'm sorry to hear that happened. I'm glad the guy didn't try something why Jayme out, the door open and them all out of sight behind the house. Dangerous circumstance when she's depending on this angry stranger's good graces not to harm her or Gavin.

Hate is an awful thing, I don't feel the need for it and I know you don't. There are a lot of people filled with it, just waiting for a pretense or a perceived slight so that they can let some out.


11:13 PM  

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