Sunday, March 11, 2007

crying dymes (part 2) interupted by babel

jayme and i rented babel tonight
a beautiful and touching film
deeply disturbing
and now i can't sleep
i know all too well how fragile life is
i didn't really need a graphic reminder tonight
i still liked the film
it just made me really really sad
after being really really happy
oh well...
with daylight savings
it's 4:22 am
and i'm effectively screwed tomorrow
so i might as well go for broke
with this blog work

we had a beautiful evening concert
at the north by southwest (festival?)
a cool breeze and beautiful sunset
as we played
sadly attended by only a handful of people
thus (festival?)
with no booze and a 25 dollar cover
it was no wonder that most of dallas stayed away
sad though
why do we need alcohol
to enjoy an event like this?
even the spree
who were rumoured to have been paid
if true
played to a meager audience
in fact
i think there were more people onstage
than off!

it was my son's first rock'n'roll concert
and i loved getting to see him full of joy
running around and dancing
as we played
and the world is full of people
it was worth more than $20,000 to me
(well....on second thought...)

crying dymes part 2 next time
i had to write what was on my mind this morning

i hope you're having happy sleeping right now!!


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