Friday, February 23, 2007

lucky lady

up at 9:00
feed G some cheerios
(with no soy low milk!!!)
sneak noisy boy out quietly
hurry out the door
first stop
whole foods
we buy jayme some pretty pink tulips
then we head to the black forest bakery
to pick up the glowing birthday prize
"lucky lady"
i can't wait to see the look on her face
when she sees this cake
video camera aimed
J comes out of the bedroom to behold
the mancake splendour that is
"lucky lady"
we have a good laugh
and decide to leave the cake intact
until the okerblom family gathering
at dinner
despite gavin's earnest pleas for just one piece
just one piece dada
one piece only!!!
lunched at steel
with remington
a fancy shmansty sushi place i'd been wanting to take jayme to
G was a perfect little gent
coloring and nibbling on his carry in pita bread
the green tea was good lee
next stop northpark
jayme hit lush
G the toystore
then miss blythe fan found some blythe t-shirts
that had been discounted at urban outfitters
from $30 to $2.70
i'd say that was a aptly bizarre birthday score
one of the best moments of the day was watching G
run around squealing with joy
as he hugged each leg of the 5 hammering man statues
we listened to
the white album
in the car
on the way to ikea
overcast and raining
G having a contemplative thumb suck in the backseat
during "while my guitar gently weeps"
i could see the wheels turning in his mind
believe it or not
it had been awhile since i'd listened to this cd
i noticed the lack of cymbals
i think i want to make a record with no cymbals
at ikea we bought a gigantic circular mirror
for our living room
hanging it is going to be a real treat
macaroni grill for dinner
with J's family
the kids all had a good time drawing on the paper table clothes
with crayons
jayme was worried all through dinner
that the waiters were all going to gather
round our table for a birthday song
it never happened
she was very relived
i was too
back at grandparent O's place
we finally cut into lucky lady
i was a little sad
it was such a work of art
how could we eat it?
then our sexy plastic stud
got the licking of his red briefs life
from the aryn and gavin
they wanted the icing
of course
i'd like to think we let the birthday girl
win the movie trivia game
her prize was another slice of lucky lady!!
so now i think i'm going to go have a piece
of leftover birthday cake


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Lucky Lady Indeed. Lucky Jayme. :o)


11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hands down that is the best birthday cake that I have ever seen! Sounds like a great celebration!

8:28 AM  

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