Saturday, February 10, 2007

requesting good day sunshine

it's been a dreary 3 days
here in texas
i usually welcome the cold
and overcast
but after 2 days of sun and fun
on tuesday and wednesday
the end of this week has been dreadful
i haven't even left the house in 48 hours
which makes me feel like i'm losing my mind
i can't even begin to imagine
how the reclusive do it
it's surely a factor that contributes to

so i'm supposed to have a day off today
for the life of me
i can't figure out what i want to do
the weather is uninviting
this cold i've been fighting
has got me on the ropes
i hope i can sing tomorrow night
i'm supposed to open for autumn defense
at gypsy tea room
anyone who knows wilco
should know who they are
it's john stirratt's side-project band
i'm going to play one of my other new songs
(if more than a croak comes out)
it's called "endless dream days"
and i think it's already one of my favorite melodies
i've ever written
sort of like the nourallah brothers
have collided with
roy orbison
but the vocal goes pretty high
and right now my voice sounds terrible

this is going to be a short one
the dishwasher needs unloading
G needs some attention
i gotta get rolling on my big day off
i hope everyone has a good weekend
maybe see you at the show tomorrow night
or at least at the big rock show
at sons of hermann
on the 17th

take care



Blogger Jim said...

My old band, Judge Crater, used to play with John and his sister Laurie's band, The Hilltops in Memphis. They later split to form Wilco and Blue Mountain. Two of the most genuine people I've ever known. Should be a great night for ya.


11:26 AM  

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