Friday, January 19, 2007

friday night eyecitement

my eye is doing a lot better now
i worked in the studio today
the first time since saturday
i'm reading my emails again
the shattered glass feeling is gone
another checkup tomorrow
just to make sure there is no permanent damage
better safe than sorry
since i only have one that actually works

thank you to all that wrote
and offered to help out
it means a lot to me

time is running down
and almost out
on my mixing of SIMH
this week's medical drama
set me back a bit
might push things back a week now
i'll know more after next week
it's stressing me out now
and that's annoying me
'cause there's enough things in this life
that create stress
music should never be one of them

next week the noise is playing this new venue
opened by the city of dallas
to revitalize deep ellum
it's called ellum onstage
someone told me
it's supposed to be the musical equivalent
of a public library
an interesting concept
i hope it works

i love the winter but i'm ready for a bit of sun now
this week has been dismal
makes me think about all those poor people
living in the chillier parts of the world
i may have been born a northerner
and i may listen to a lot of cold weather music
but i guess i'm a wussy southerner at heart

so bring on some sunshine now!!!


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