Friday, December 22, 2006

don't pick on 4th graders

i went down to club dada tonight
to see my friend danny delamatyr play
it's amazing what's going on down there
a. newman has breathed so much life
into these thursday night shows
such a great vibe
and so many friendly faces in attendance
if i'm not playing
i never go to deep ellum anymore
too much hassle
the thugs
and parking
the doug simmons cartel
why bother?
no fun
except these thursday night dada shows
now they are FUN
and this one was no exception
danny was spectacular
he played "every night" off of p.m.'s first lp
a great semi-obscure mccartney tune
performed effortlessly
and flawlessly
by my friend
i was proud
danny's own songs are really good
him holt and paul davis singing together
actually gave me the chills
that rarely happens to me
unless i'm cold
so go buy the sheers debut
it's good
look them up on myspace!
listen for free

j.d.'s tunes came blaring out of the P.A.
they sounded GREAT
especially "face"
i was like a proud papa
which reminds me
gavin got to meet santa
at neiman marcus
around 1
we had to wait a while
santa was "on break"
but it was a historic meeting
the first time G didn't burst out in tears
upon meeting mr. claus
this time he was really excited
and happily told s.c. he wanted
"lots of robots for christmas"
and libbby the robot did this and that
and such and such
and poor old santa just nodded
and went along with it
he was a good sport
that santa
after that
we went to scalini's and i consumed an entire small pizza
and the guilt afterwards
overtook me
oh the guilt
it was a little weird
and i started thinking about my recurring
post unhealthy meal guilt tripping
that i've always had
let's see
ever since i was a child
where did it come from?
i remember now
i was a bit on the plump side
when i was in 4th grade
and the other kids
made fun of me
i remember this one kid in particular
darren durrell
nice name, huh?
i remember praying
actually praying
even though i wasn't entirely convinced
there was anyone listening
but i prayed anyway
for darren to please stop humiliating me
in front of my classmates
but he kept at it
day after day after day
it never stopped
so i decided to start playing basketball
to lose weight
and i played every day
at lunch
and afterschool
and i lost it
and then the only thing they could pester me about
was my lousy name
but ever since then
i've always been so paranoid
of gaining the weight back
and i'm always worrying
when i don't eat right
and it comes from these things
that happened as a child
kind of sad i guess
it's still with me
probably always will be

that's all for now
this blog has made me hungry!!!


Blogger Paul said...

I my gosh, love the scallini's!

6:47 AM  
Anonymous amanda said...

thank you for the kind words...

10:43 AM  

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