Saturday, December 16, 2006

basking in the afterglow

i finally did it
it doesn't happen often
i played a set and enjoyed every last second of it
i felt satisfied afterwards
i was totally in the moment
loving it
all your smiling faces
looking on
singing along
clapping your hands
some of you even dancing
it was one of the best nights EVER for me
thank you
my mom even came to see the show
she'd only been once before
as i told you earlier
el paso in '92
she had a great time
"you were soooo professional
and you looked very handsome and young..."
way to go with the compliments mom!!
the noise were as good as they've ever been
i think they cranked it up a notch for k
holt was on fire
stomping his pedals and making an atmospheric racket
then the next second playing the most beautiful guitar melodies
i've ever heard
singing along
quarterback on the drums
the epitome of cool behind the kit
musical rock of gibraltar
never faltering
and a wry knowing smile whenever i looked his way
dominated the bass guitar
so many complex lines
pulled off with power and finesse

today i'm basking in the afterglow
no work for me
i took the weekend off to visit with L and L
it feels great
we're going to go see the ice sculptures
maybe go for the horse drawn ride through highland park
to look at christmas lights
it's a beautiful sunny day
right now it feels more like summer
than the heart of december
it's the perfect day for a post gig party

for those of you who came out last night
thank you
it always makes me happy to see you
it was the perfect ending to an amazing year
i'm really excited about '07
there's still so much ahead




Anonymous Anonymous said...

a perfect ending to an exciting year of music... :o) What a beautiful show!! I'm so glad Lee and I could celebrate with all of you!

Happily awaiting the joys 2007 will bring...

Lisa, yet another basker in the glow

7:42 AM  
Blogger Centuryhouse said...

Salim, I wished you luck the other day before the show but somehow my comments didn't make it...

I wish we could have made it, I seriously considered doing it but ended up being sick as can be and certainly was in no shape to make it out.

I'm glad the show went well and glad your mom made it too!


12:21 PM  

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