Sunday, December 10, 2006

party mission accomplished

it was a christmas party weekend
friday night
we attended the bales and revival party
the revival has no religious connection
they are a band
it was nice to get out with jayme
and socialize a bit
i've never been to a white elephant swap
that was more bizarrely fitting
kiss "the trivia game"
went to the kiss maniac
"the good the bad and the ugly" dvd for johnny
who happened to have it on his ringtone
"zoolander" for brian
whose fiance had been calling him that for months
the bath extravaganza for jayme
perfecto for her
i picked bath products too
handed them straight away to a thrilled jayme
more perfection
last night we went to the bend studio party
with lindsay and andria
G money dropped off at the granadparents
to spend the night
i think this has only happened 3 times
in 3 years
so we were gonna rip it up for sure
a very lovely and mellow scene at the studio
people sipping wine and nibling on the vast assortment
of treats
the spread was fantastic
we saw the entertaining commander steve
r.r. made a rare and welcomed social appearance
i ate rollled grape leaves to my heart's content
bend always makes me feel at ease
peaceful and relaxed
it was nice to hang out there in the dim soothing candlelit room
and not play
i was feeling very peaceful and pleasant
we got a spontaneous invite to aubrey's birthday party
on marquita
so around 11 we left for that
it was in full swing when we arrived
loud and hopping
music jamming on the stereo
a gigantic bowl off egg nog
looking like cake batter
a crotch sniffing hound with no shame
holt was festive
and apologizing for his alcohol consumption
jayme started getting revved up
the pace of her speech doubled
the pitch of her voiced a bit higher
it was fun to see her having so much fun
i was happy just to be out
amongst friends
but we couldn't be tied down to one party for too long
we were party hopping fools
on a hangout mission
just past midnight we headed to barley house
to see i love math
it was a mob scene there
jenkins holding court in the back
at the bowling machine
with sidekick nick
various ex-members of the d.r.d. scattered about
throngs of inebriated SMU kids
one of them took a head first dive on the concrete floor
behind roberto
then sat for 15 minutes in a wobbling daze
it all could have been annoying if i'd been in the wrong mood
but fortunately
i was in the right one
i enjoyed watching all the carrying on
math sounded great
although i wish i could've actually seen them
the standing crowd blocked any view of the sitting band
they rolled through tunes on the record we made together
a great record
i hope it finds its way out into the world someday
we finished it over a year ago!!
then before we knew
the blaring lights were on
big bartenders screaming for us to get out
one pushed my shoulder
they looked more than slightly aggitated
and aggro
so we didn't linger long
off into the night
christmas party mission accomplished


Blogger dealingwith said...

Double R made a public appearance and I missed it??

1:42 PM  
Blogger cathrina said...

nice the party was kewl..

4:27 AM  

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