Thursday, November 30, 2006

it's snowing outside my heart

snow coming down
the wind chimes going
all 3 of them
G is watching bob the builder
on VHS
on the green couch
in front of the christmas tree
i've got the lights on
it's cozy
cento and nabb
just left
we had to rehearse for the dallas music revue
going down at sons of hermann hall
saturday night
to benefit the homeless
i'm thinking of those people today
it's really cold outside
can you even imagine what it would be like
to be out there today
sleeping in a cardboard box?
it's almost unimaginable to me
i'm gonna sing "western union"
and "evol not love"
by the five americans
an obscure dallas '60s group
great tunes
selected for me by the fabulous mr. cento
thanks don!!

i'm going to work on my record tonight
tomorrow (friday night)
is art conspiracy
there will be a SPECIAL surprise
for those of you who come


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