Wednesday, November 29, 2006

calm before the storm

had a really nice afternoon with my little assistant
G money nourallah
we put posters up all 'round town for my upcoming show
at the granada
we went and picked up lefler
G hadn't seen him in awhile
he was excited
we went to guitar center
i bought a vox AC-15
G hit drums
gasped at pretty guitars
watched the spinning lights
we came home and i plug the gretsch into the vox
it sounded amazing
i called lefler and thanked him for the hot tip
then G and i went and saw cj
up at good records
G built a lego castle
with the giant legos
and cj asked me how my face got on the cover
of the new joseph arthur cd
then we went and got mom some surprise flowers
i thought pink would be nice
but gavin insisted red was better
they were really orange
but i didn't want to sweat him on the details

a storm is supposed to be rolling in
sometime tonight
freezing cold
maybe some sleet
hard to believe
as it's warm and pleasant right now
but it feels like nature knows
something is coming
kind of beautifully ominous

art conspiracy II is coming too
friday night
longhorn ballroom
i'll be there
jayme's gonna paint
i'm gonna rock
you should come too
last year was amazing
this year promises to be doubly amazing
150 artists
5 bands
all the proceeds going to helping our community
a legendary venue
we're gonna make history friday
see you there!!


Blogger Jayson said...

i got a vox ac 15. love it!

2:12 PM  

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