Tuesday, November 28, 2006

life in a split second

you've made it to the last one
did it all go by way too quickly?
does it seem like yesterday
you sat down at your computer
to look at what salim had to say that day
only to find he'd begun this sludging through
beautiful noise
maybe a much deserved plaque
coming to you from salimnourallah.com?
you earned it
for suffering through my ramblings

i guess i have my grandfather to thank for this one
he said to me once
"no matter how many years you live
even if you make it to 80
you'll look back on it all
and it'll seem like it happened
in a split second."
i filed that thought away for many years
it was heavy

"a life we were somehow lent
don’t get too attached
‘cause you’ll have to give it back"

i worked many months on the lyrics to this one
especially the ending
right up until i cut the vocal
i was still trying to work it out
"life in a split second" wins second most difficult
recording on beautiful noise
right behind "the otherside"
sometimes i wonder if i should have put drums on this one
but i guess that's what's fun about
hearing the noise play it live
maybe someday i'll do another version of it for an e.p.?

"it’s never as good as we want
phoning up to god our own list of demands"

i deliberated for a couple of weeks
on whether this song
or "all those years down there"
should close out noise
"years" was the "happy ending"
(you get that on the tapete release now)
i think split second was the right choice
it leaves the whole questioning element of the record
still open-ended
and i believe this truly
that no one knows
NO ONE can answer this great question
we all live with
we will always ask
we will never have the answers
until we leave this earth
i believe in a creator
i believe there is a reason
but i will never say that
beyond a shadow of a doubt
such and such is the truth
and i will certainly not predict what's going to happen
when we leave our bodies behind
that's why i feel scared sometimes
that's why i get sad
it's ok
it's part of being alive
maybe someday it'll all be too much
and i'll take another philosophical road
who knows?
for now
this is where i'm at


Anonymous bucks burnett said...

I call god, or whatever is toying with our souls and destiny, The Exquisite Whatisit. No one knows, we're not supposed to I don't think. They say everybody loves a good mystery, but when it comes to god, we've gotta have the answers and be right or else. If I was god the last thing I would do is give my photo and address to the human race.

6:02 PM  
Blogger Centuryhouse said...

I was once a believer. Now I don't believe, I don't disbelieve - I just concede that I don't know and can never know in this lifetime. It's a tough spot to be in.

You know, I still haven't heard Beautiful Noise. I will get it when I see it, and I'll be the only person to have read the explanations of the songs before hearing them. Kind of a backwards position to be in, but should be interesting. It's funny what change a few years brings - I was possibly your biggest fan (never missed out on hearing a new SN song) but the more important thing was that I wanted to be your friend. Things just seem to slip away.

9:45 PM  

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