Saturday, December 02, 2006

art conspiracy II

last night
was full of those beautiful moments
i didn't want to go by so quickly
i tried to slow them down
i tried really hard
to take in every sip
like a fine wine
it didn't work
it sped past before i knew it
over and done with
saying our goodbyes like we'd just arrived
and now i'm here
the next morning
trying to put it all down for you

i'd been going on and on
about how cool art conspiracy was
ever since last year
the first one was held at the texas theater
where oswald was arrested
i even used a photo taken of me and the polaroids
that night
for the back of the pleasantry lane cd
such a cool setting
and that old theater had an amazing vibe
history had been made there
art colliding with rock'n'roll
like the '60s
unlike any event i'd ever attended
we could've been in london
or new york
but not in paris
not enough berets
it was adventurous
and classic
pardon me...

but then again
if we pause long enough to really look
at this "scene" of ours
it's rife with talented
underappreciated musicians
and artists
art conspiracy is the proof
that they're out there
lurking in the cultural underbelly
of metroplex USA
to make something cooler than
big addison hairdo's
and jerry joneses
and suburbia
and hick accents
and bizarre texan spectacles like
carrie underwood performing in her underwear
with a bunch of cheesed out turkeys
in texas stadium
do not forget
there is an alternative
alive and kicking here
fighting for something else
other than the ridiculous true to life texas stereotype
we're surrounded by on a daily basis
art conspiracy is a big part of the fight
for an alternative

i loved the bizarre texas vibe of the longhorn ballroom
i'd been watching footage of the sex pistols
playing there
ever since i was a teen
they came in '78
sid bleeding profusely
from a punch from a girl
horrible sound
things being hurled their way
as rotten egged the crowd on
every inch of the way
with a shaking fist and a snarl
it was a legendary collision of london punkart revolution
and texas
they came to wave their middle fingers
at texas' fat bloated ass
it made an impression
that has lasted over 30 years
hard to believe it was that long ago...
the LHBR looks like it hasn't changed a bit
since that very day
it's frozen in time
a relic from the past
texas style
from the gigantic cow that graces the entrance
to the rodeoesque decor that adorns the place
the comedy factor of this room
is immense
it was perfect
6 or 7 stations
displayed the works
that would be auctioned off to the highest bidders
they were spread throughout the vast ballroom
which looked about as long as a football field
probably specially designed
to those exact dimensions
for rabid cowboy fans
looking for a good boot scoot
the bands played on the highest stage i've ever seen indoors
in front of the sunken wooden dance floor
tailor made for those boot scootin' cowboys
in tight wranglers
with their big haired women

jayme spent thursday
freezing her ass off
'cause the ballroom owners couldn't be contacted for
working on her wonderfully dark/funny painting
(top right)
i was so proud of her
it was the coldest day of the year
and she and her fellow art comrades
were dedicated enough to go do that
to try and do something
to help make a better community
for us and our kids to live in
$210 from her put toward the cause

tonight we rock for the homeless
sons of hermann hall
the dallas music revue
come out and feed your dollars to the revue
so they can help feed others


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My grandpa played that place back in the day when it was owned by Bob Wills. Dub Adams and the K-Bar Ranch Hands. Here's a pic of em on my myspace (

It was cool to know I was in the same place watching music where he once played.


8:32 AM  
Blogger sarah jane said...

i think i'm gonna cry. thank you.

12:23 PM  
Blogger Centuryhouse said...

Tell Jayme I really like her painting! :-)

I wanted to go, but we were broke and couldn't afford a sitter. It's a great event, I'm glad it went well. I hope we can make the next one.


11:59 AM  

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