Saturday, December 02, 2006

dallas music revue

saturday was another great day
and night
G and i went
to william and meridith's
birthday party
we'd had an invite to look at for 2 weeks
with pictures of W and M's heads
put on stick figures
G had never met them before
he would pick it up from time to time
and ask
"who's that dadda?"
that's william and meridith
we're going to their birthday party saturday
"we will have birthday cake?"
yes gavie - we will have birthdaycake
when we got to the party
he wanted to meet them straight away
he knew their faces well by now
after formal introductions
the games begun
jumping in the bouncatorium
sitting on the frog
building a castle with alphabet blocks
then the grand finale
the eating of THE CAKE
and chocolate ice cream
G got a pair of blue maracas
to boot
as a parting gift
after that we went down to soundcheck/rehearsal
at the sons of hermann
i ran through my two songs with the band
i knew he'd been wondering why i'd been listening
to these 2 songs
over and over again in the car
when we started in on the first one
he was sitting in front of the stage
and i saw the twinkling look of realization
he got up and joined me onstage for the next tune
"dadda - picka me up!"
i sang "western union"
holding him in one arm
as he sucked his thumb diligently and look all around
at what was going on onstage
it was probably the best musical moment i've shared
with my son so far
a magical moment for me

the show was another barnburner
highlights for me were
holt doing meatloaf
balis sounding exactly like junior brown
carter's soulman singing
bobby patterson capped off the night
with some old bluesman lunatic stage banter
and great singing
shibboleth were amazing (as always)
even bobby noticed
everyone was phenomenal
a good time had by all
and for a good cause too

it's been a great weekend
and we still have sunday ahead of us
i hope you're enjoying your life too




Blogger Centuryhouse said...

Cool about the shared musical moment during "Western union" :-)

11:56 AM  

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