Friday, December 08, 2006

the drum light at the end of the funnel

cross all fingers and toes for me today
the pleasantry lane cd is supposed to arrive
error free
and looking fabulous
just in time for the year ending show
at the granada theater
next friday
paisley pop
has generously paid for the 2nd run
even though we've sold none of the first batch
so hopefully i can help make up lost for them ground

yesterday double r and i
had a really good marathon recording session
probably the most productive day i've had yet
d.h. came over first
we toweled up the drums
got them nice and super dead
then he contributed greatly
to the continued rehabilitation
of "the terror"
this song has become "the otherside"
of "snowing in my heart"
a real beast
at 90 tracks
and going strong
the computer has even started having problems playing it back
the file is too large
this almost never happens around here
we've had to start submixing to get it to play!
i scrapped terror once but came back to it
because i think it's worth getting right
now it's slowly edging its way back on to the record
we'll see...
"this soft existence" also got some drums
compliments of daniel
that one is pretty much finished now
only in need of a bit of mixing
do you remember the poem?
first seen on this very site

i've been concentrating heavily
on the back half of the record now
i've had the first 4 tracks ready to go for some time
"hang on"
"so down"
"the wicked are winning"
"don't be afraid"
i felt like i wanted one more really strong tune for that group
and we finally got it down yesterday
dufilho came over after daniel split
and we started "days disappear"
i think this one is going to be a good one
we'll see
don't want to jinx it
it'll also be a bit of a surprise
for some people
who've been listening to my music over the years
you'll see
be patient...
(a hint: it's not a rap tune!!)

today jason garner is coming over
he's escaped S.A. for a week
to work on the new deathray davies record
and he's taking some time this afternoon
to come help me start one last song
for snowing
"it's ok to be sad"

it really is
even though happy is a lot more fun

have a good friday
maybe see you at a christmas party soon?


Blogger Centuryhouse said...

Have a good weekend. Good luck on the recording.


2:31 PM  

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