Tuesday, December 19, 2006

tis the season to be busy

i feel like i just time warped
from saturday to tuesday
where'd it all go?
these last few days have been a blur of activity
saturday we went out to the gaylord ice sculptures
with L and L
i had a nice time because of the company
but i don't recommend it to anyone else
at $23 a person
plus hidden fees
it was $52 for 2 people
the whole thing smacked of rip-off
plus the gaylord resort is pretty much just that
a super-sized overdose of texas camp
ice was the ploy that roped us in
it was worth a few laughs though
we were greeted by
happy shiny smiling singing and rapping teens
putting on a ridiculous dance pop christmas show
while we waited for our viewing time
lines full of bumpkins
ready for the ice spectacle of a lifetime
carved by little chinese men
imported for 2 yen an hour
and the all you can eat beef buffet
we were handed parkas that were more like windbreakers
leftover from a star trek episode
gold and black flimsy and shiny
supposedly our protection
from the 9 degree temperatures inside
the sculptures were nice but they forgot to do anything
about the sky
so it looked a little weird
in this carpeted convention center
with carved ice blocks
and a black tarp sky
G got stuck in the middle of the ice slide
but didn't complain
i think he just tried to go back up and start again
we came home and jayme made some curry
i felt like a stuffed footballer on turkey day
slumped on the couch and nodding off
we opened presents from L and L
in the glow of our christmas tree
G got in to this very much
and helped me open all of mine
we'd planned on going on the horse drawn carriage ride
through highland park
but when we looked it up online
the info said it was $135 an hour
we decided to pass
mainly because we were broke after the gaylord fleecing
so instead
we drove our own honda drawn carriage
right through highland park
at 10mph or slower
it was free
and odorless
a beautiful night

on sunday and monday night
i spent a lot of time working on my record
paul a. dropped by
with D.L. too
we worked on "days disappear'
lefler came over last night and we stayed up 'til
2:30 working on "it's ok to be sad"
my quiet is the new loud
i don't think i'm going to have a chance to do any more
until thursday
lot's of work
carter a. is coming over tonight
i'm anxious to get back to his record

i hope you've done all your christmas shopping
it's a zoo out there


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