Sunday, January 14, 2007

a day in the life

here we are again
i'm sitting here writing this
another day in the life
they continue to speed by
days disappear
where do they go?
i don't know...
so i wrote another song about it
when you read this
i've already moved on
off in the distance
running around out there
doing god knows what
i could be
moving a kick drum beat 2 milliseconds
right now
singing the vocal of a lifetime
dialing in an electric guitar sound
playing alligator wrestlator
big dumb tambourine
obsessing on time and
waiting for it to snow
sending an email
to someone in spain
or germany
or even euless
sipping hot soup
breaking crackers
making lunch for G
watching actors
flipping channels
wearing my flannels
talking to mom about her day
or shoes
fighting the flu
slaving over words
charging my recorder
placing a to-go order
eating tabuleh or chop suey
folding laundry
thumbing through atomic ranch
taking out the trash
trying to fix the leak in jayme's studio
cleaning the recording studio
working on another blog
or if i have lot's of spare time
a song
choking on smoke at the barley
plugging my ears to bad karoake
surfing ebay
kissing my wife goodbye
thinking of deductions
contemplating mortality
or the need for bad hair metal bands
listening to the ipod
stalling for time
avoiding danger


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