Friday, January 12, 2007

the 1st of february

the 1st of february looms large
i'm planning on cutting myself off then
no more obsessing
no more tweaking
and fiddling with my record
on the 1st
it's all over
my last hurrah
see you later
it's already the 12th
i'm not sure i can do it
but i have to
no more time booked for myself after that
so there's going to be plenty of late night mixing
between now and then
12 hours
and even more tracking
with r.q.
i was feeling close to the finish line wednesday
but then
a nice healthy burst of self-doubt
came blowing in
i want to walk away from this record
with no cringe-inducing moments
i also want it to be really really good
to encapsulate everything i've done
over the years
and still all hang together
like the last one
that's my goal
i'm glad i've worked slowly
and patiently on this one
i'm beginning to see the pay-off
and now
it's my favorite time of the year
for recording
always better
when it's cold and dreary outside
my studio was tailor made for occupation
on these dismal days
if it snows on sunday
we're gonna take some pictures
i need an album cover!!!


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