Wednesday, January 17, 2007

kicka you in the face

my left eye is completely useless
it has been ever since i was a newborn
it could've been corrected
if it had been caught in time
but you have to go to a doctor for that
so anyway
i use my right eye for 100% of my vision
and in that one eye i have an astigmatism
so it's by no means perfect
i've been hounded ever since i was a kid
by the words of one eye doctor
who cautioned
"son, you'd better guard that right eye of yours
with your life...because if anything ever happens to it...
you'll be blind as a bat."

sunday night i was rough housing with gavin
when the heel of his foot went
smack dab into the middle of my right eye
i felt it pop back in my head like a grape
instant shooting pain
and me
howling like a gimp dog
two hours later i couldn't open it at all
without it tearing up
it felt like shattered glass in my eyeball
i began to panic
i couldn't see a thing
the pain was pretty intense
jayme was in bed with the stomach flu
she was sicker than i've ever seen her
she couldn't help me
and i couldn't help her
we were like two 80 year old cripples
except we happened to have a toddler running around
our geriatric ward
that we were supposed to be taking care of
i must admit
in the darkest moments of that cold sunday night
i pictured myself like ray charles
(without the instrumental talent)
hobling around with my cane and sunglasses
begging for pennies on a streetcorner
how on earth would i be able work with no vision?
my son would grow up in a hovel
it makes me chuckle now
that's how my mind works sometimes

at 6am
i managed to dial the eyeworks hotline
and made an emergency appointment for 9am
the streets had iced over that morning
jayme was too sick to get out of bed
so my mom came over and got me and gavin
i still couldn't see out of my right eye
and lost my cell phone soemwhere between
our house and her car (10 steps)
the doctor told me i had a severe abrasion
on my cornea
the equivalent to skinning your knee
but on your eye
he thought i'd be seeing ok later that evening
unfortunately i wasn't
things were still super blurry
i couldn't read emails or see the numbers on a phone
i had to cancel work monday and tuesday night

this morning things finally started coming around
at least i could make out letters on the computer screen
when i got really close to it
although everything is still blurry
hopefully i'll be back to normal by saturday

the last words of my last blog cryptically said
i could/would be
"avoiding danger"
oh how ironic
next time
i should heed my own advice!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's awful, Salim. I hope everything turns out alright.

Rooting for your right eye,

2:47 PM  
Anonymous bucks burnett said...

EYE hope yoo get better.

9:16 PM  
Blogger Centuryhouse said...

Sorry to hear about that!

I guess I'm a little late coming to the party (haha) but glad to read further on that you are feeling better.

I'm sure you have other first choices, but if you ever get in a bind and need help please let me know.


12:27 PM  

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