Monday, January 29, 2007

the heat is off

it's gonna be a strange day
around the N house
we're having our heating system replaced
a chilly chilly day with no heat
i have to sit here and man the house
while they rip everything out of our attic
and install the new system
then we get to scrape a lot of money together
for them
our heater is from the '70s
and was making a loud BOOM sound
it was dangerous
we were advised to replace it
so we are
J and G are going to go to grandma's
where it's nice and warm
later on
the foundation repair people coming
for estimates
the money pit continues
our house is falling apart
but the side of our house is apparently going to be
on the 5 o'clock news
they are coming to film the installation of
the new TXU meter system
and we're gonna be NUMERO UNO!!
(thanks to jdw)
a weird day
for sure
i'm listening to final mixes of snowing in my heart
at my domestic post
while i type this arctic blog
so far
so good
i haven't heard anything yet that needs fixing
but i'm only 2 songs in
it feels good to be nearing a close
and i'm really excited about these recordings
glad i worked on it slowly
and not rushed to finish
i feel like this record is the best encapsulation
of everything i've done over the last ____ years
the definitive SN record
it's got the melancholy ballads
the pop songs
melody in spades
a little atmospheric quirkiness
guitar city
and a lyrical thread that hopefully runs through all the songs
that makes it an ALBUM
not just a random collection of songs
i know i'm too close
so i can't wait to see what you think
i hope it stays in your ipod
or cd player
or toaster
for as long as it took me to make it!!
i'm still messing around with the running order
i know
i'm a throwback to days
when the song order actually mattered
in some ways
it'll always be 1968
in my head
i don't wanna know about all the current musical fads
and trends
and nano-chips
and microwavable i-pods
pass me a slice of vinyl please
with a side of headphones
there's nothing wrong with the good old cd either
can i qualify as a dinosaur rocker now?
i'll probably be messing around with the song order
right up until the end
even though
this one i'm listening to right now
sounds just about perfect
maybe i've gotten it right???

yesterday night
we had the first meeting to discuss
the anju gill fund
gavin and lennon were quite the toddler combo
i think they'll be forming a band before we know it
lennon has the jagger pout
so he's gotta be the frontman!!
i hope we can do something that would make anju proud
lot's of ideas so far
and there's no one more capable than ally
in the "can and will do" department
the first fundraiser will be march 24th
more on that as we get closer

a.n. sent me a message today about hosting a
pleasantry lane showcase night
at dada
once a month
sounded like a pretty nifty idea to me
my mind is already racing with the possibilities
so even though '07 has been a rocky start
in the good health department
there are all kinds of exciting things in the works
around here
and don't forget about HIT records either!!

this could be the year of the bull afterall

we'll see...

stay warm!!!

and fax me some heat please!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i did one of those "double buckwheats" know look once and then again real fast with wide open eyes at the photo accompanying this blog. classic!

can't wait to fire up my toaster and have a listen to the new cd.

stay warm!!


12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. I think Channel 4 got their shot this morning over at my friend's house two streets over from you... boohoo...

2. I won a Wreckless Eric / Stiff vinyl import on ebay. Let the education begin.

3. it ain't shit if it ain't a HIT!


12:19 PM  
Blogger Dandee said...

Hey man, I can swap house falling apart stories with you if you want. I was in a hotel for 2 weeks after a pipe in the slab of the house busted. Still a mess,but at least for us the "MAN" has to pay for some of it.

PS - Lousy Robot is down for a road trip to play the Pleasantry Lane show. I do think we were the first band to FLY in for a session. I could be wrong, but when you are hugely famous we will claim that as our own.

PS - When you send out that rejection letter for being on your HIT Records, please be kind. We are fragile.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you are staying warm. Love the new pic.Tell G we need to set up a play date. Ask him to check his schedule and get back to me.

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I woke up this morning with a slice of vinyl and a side of headphones myself. It's still my favorite.


9:36 AM  

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