Tuesday, January 23, 2007

the gambler

it's shaping up to be
an exciting week
hopefully G's kung-fu moves
will be used on robot 2000
and not dear old dad
(key word there:OLD)

wednesday night
i'm going to judge rockstar karaoke again
up at barley
with lefler and matt p.
i do accept bribes
just throwing it out there
don't be bashful
or ashamed
dancing with the stars did it
so will i
s.n. + lefler + paradowski = noizey boyz out on the town
let the good times roll wednesday night!

thursday night
a different story
going to play ellum onstage
with the noize
just when i thought i'd played every venue in dallas
a really nice
multi-million dollar venue opens
funded by us taxpayers
what a great idea
finally the city does something for rock'n'roll!!!
i'm looking forward
to getting some of my tax money back
come support this place
deep ellum needs to be resurrected by someone
why not us?

it will be our first show ever
without holt
lefler is filling in for him because he will be with sorta
in nashville
we had a very fun practice yesterday
maybe the zaniest ever?
i think all the guys were tripping over
me and lefler as
ernie and bert
he showed me how i could wag my finger
"no, no, no..."
while i sing
such a funny move
you might not see me bust it out thursday
but i was working it in practice
trust me

i've only got 3 more sessions
to try and complete snowing in my heart
black february is drawing nearer
and nearer
by the second even
i may go over one week
but not more than that!!!
i swear...
i promise...
i'm no music junkie
i know when to quit
where to draw the line
like kenny said in the gambler
you gotta know when to hold 'em
know when to fold 'em
know when to walk away
i've got my walking shoes ready for action!!!
guess what kind they are?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chuck Taylors... duh!!


6:35 PM  
Blogger dealingwith said...

or are they...VANS!!??

SO looking forward to SN + Lefler on Thurs!! Holy COW!!

11:30 PM  
Blogger tania said...


8:13 AM  
Anonymous bucks burnett said...

It doesn't matter when you finish
It's not about a deadline
Put it out in '009
Just make it fine
And make one copy mine

10:28 PM  

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