Sunday, January 21, 2007

chez tweedy cat

tweedy played the granada last night
i grumbled up until the last minute
"i'd kind of like to see it
but it's so dreary outside
and cold
i just want to stay home
it'll be sooooo crowded
and the crowd is just going to talk over him
and blah, blah, blah, blah..."
any old man excuse not to go
that i could think of
but then came bucks' invite
like a bolt from the blue
"hey, wanna go see tweedy with me tonight?"
how could i resist a chance to hang out with my friend
of almost 20 years
and see a nice acoustic show
at my favorite place to see the big shows
i said
it was cold
and dreary
and crowded
but the crowd of 900
were struck silent
nothing short of a super-sized texas miracle
900 texans standing still and silent in a music venue?
for almost 90 minutes?
tweedy could've walked on water after that
or parted the red sea
he played his last song completely un-plugged
on the edge of the stage
you could hear a pin drop
if you listened close enough
this alone was worth the price of admission
i've always loved acoustic shows
but the audience has to be respectful
for them to work
texans are notorious for jibber-jabbering over
delicate concerts
i guess wilco fans must be a cut above?
it felt good to be in a crowd that handled itself so well
tweedy wasn't half bad either
(insert sly smile)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was there, and I didn't see a soul I knew (apparently there were a few, yourself included). Crowds are a trip.

I was grumbling, too, and I had bought a ticket as soon as they went on sale. Glad I went, though, naturally.

Still rooting for your right eye,

9:02 PM  
Anonymous dave little said...

that was one of the best solo shows i've ever seen. he was funny, his guitar playing was awesome, i had a great time. i, too, was amazed that people actually listened.

7:59 AM  
Blogger Centuryhouse said...

I would have liked to have seen that show...

I can't imagine a Dallas audience not blabbering over a quiet show, that's pissed me off uncountable times.

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, there was blabbering. Guess you had to be crammed up in the balcony, but the blondes and their alpha male dates would not shut up. *sigh*

9:37 AM  

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