Friday, January 26, 2007


to those of you who came out to the ellum onstage show
last night
i was having some problems with my throat
hope it wasn't too apparent
i was also conducting electricity
through my mouth
from the microphone
it was a bit uncomfortable
i hadn't done that since bakersfield '92
oh how i missed the metallice taste
of sweet electicity

not so much...

but i did enjoy seeing your smiling faces
thanks for saving the day
i promise
we're gonna have some more new songs to play
for you
next month at sons of hermann hall
it's a really good bill
i'm looking forward to it already
my record should also be done by then
yesterday was quite the rock'n'roll day for me
jayme took photos
for the new cd
we had fun
goofed around and spoofed a beatle photo
for a poster idea she had
the scary thing was
i had all the clothes for the beatle spoof
already in my wardrobe
we're sending the "real" photos off monday
to tapete
they're going to design the artwork to this one
i can't wait to see what they come up with

i spent the rest of the day
and on into the night
mixing with r.r. and p.w.
at 9:30
i raced to get lefler
we went straight to the gig
and arrived in time
to catch most of johnny lloyd's killer set
then we did our thing
lefler was great
there will be gigs later this year
i'm sure
we had a good post gig hang
at b.h.
the cape cods were rolling

turns out ellum onstage
is not funded by the city
the rumour mill was a little off
it's actually somehow linked to church money
but not kilbee's
it's going to function as a rock'roll
community center
a far-out (in all the best ways) concept
i hope they make it work
i wish them the best
i'm going to try and go back again

my friends the cut-off
are coming to pleasantry lane this weekend
i've miseed them so
we're going to have a good time
making some racket
and next week i hope to take a big bite
out of finishing my record

i hope you all have a nice weekend




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