Wednesday, February 07, 2007

exploding eyes and teapots

i hadn't written a new song in months
this week
3 songs
in 3 days
i'm on a roll
maybe now that i'm wrapping up SNIMH
i can start writing again?
"snowing in my heart" is
for all intents and purposes
i mailed western vinyl a 12 song cd monday
2 of the 9 extra tracks still need a bit of mixing
so as soon as that's done
i'll send a 21 song cd to tapete
to sort through
another reason that i haven't posted is
i've had a re-lapse with my eye
i guess the 3 nights out in smokey bars
capped off by saturday night
was too much
too soon
for poor old right eye
i woke up sunday and couldn't read the text
on the computer screen
it made working very difficult
and the headaches from straining have been rolling
it's improved a little each day
but today
it's still kinda blurry
so i'm getting worried
song #3 is called
"one eye"
here's an excerpt:

sitting in the first grade with no glasses on
getting all the letters on the chalkboard wrong
the teacher sent me packing with a measly D
a note attached said something that i couldn’t read

i guess i'm going to have to go see another doctor soon

the radiator in my car went out too
a big overheat to cap off full-moon saturday night
i'm feeling positive regardless

i'm off to see the mechanic now!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm hopping up and down in anticipation of this new record. I want very badly to put it on my iPod in the near future.

Resumed rooting for your right eye,

4:01 PM  
Anonymous said...

This is a BLOGMERCIAL. Please visit soon. Thank you.

10:34 PM  

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