Saturday, February 03, 2007


last night was awesome
one of my favorite bend shows ever
i didn't chicken out
even though the place was packed
a room filled mostly with people that had never
seen me play before
i opened with "saint georges"
less than 48 hours old
a song i still barely new all the words to
a couple of minor word flubs here and there
but i think i made it through ok
and mainly
i didn't care if i f-ed it up
i wanted to play it
i'm glad i did it
it was a bit of a personal challenge for me
the SN equivalent of jumping out of a plane

this last year of performing solo
has taught me a lot
believing in myself is the key
it was hard for me to do that during the
lean MF years
when i felt like nobody appreciated my music
it's hard to have self-confidence
under those circumstances
but those days are long gone now
there's a voice in my head that's always criticizing
it's a confidence killer
and maybe it helped me improve
as a record maker
and songwiter
over the years
but it's never satisfied
and when i'm all alone
on stage
about to strum my songs
for you
if that voice starts sounding off
it can ruin my ability to enjoy the moment
so i have to work really hard
to shut it out
LOVE has helped me do that
thank you for sending some my way

here's some back at you




Blogger Grace said...

i LOVE st. georges!! i mean, what an idea for a song. wow, i loved every minute of that show! and there was even a waiting list to stand up in the back! and seeing all those bopping heads makes me think you're going to keep bringing more and more people to your shows.

it always makes me so happy to see you and hear your songs. you always have someone great playing with you. always adding a new twist. next time will you play an encore or three?

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And in the end the love you make, is equal to....

So glad it was such a wonderful show! Can't wait for seeing one ourselves soon!!

L and L

1:40 PM  
Anonymous bucks burnett said...

You can go on about love all you want, but 2007 will be remembered as THE SUMMER OF LIKE. I have spoken.

9:33 PM  
Anonymous joannasatana said...

"believing in myself is the key
it was hard for me to do that during the
lean MF years
when i felt like nobody appreciated my music"

I'm glad you're finally getting the recognition and appreciation you've deserved all along. For what it's worth...MF was right up there with my other faves at the time and I *STILL* spin my cds to this day (to the point of needing replacements now cuz they're so worn from so many plays...any idea where I can still get copies??). I didn't consider y'all a "local band" at all. I thought myself incredibly fortunate to just happen to be in the same area as MF so I could catch the shows and interact with y'all vs. being stuck anon. in a random crowd seeing ya play once while on tour.

flash forward.....i adore the music you make now too tho. different time, etc. youve really grown into yourself. come full circle etc. your talent is rare. always has been. it's great to see you get "your day" and see that day turn to years and more.....

one day I'll get to get out again and catch your shows more frequently. Til then, I'll work on wearing out the solo cds too LOL! (tho the ol ipod makes it a bit easier to extend the life of a cd these days, I'm still one to pull out the discs and play them OLD SCHOOL style hee hee)

let it be said, I've always *SINCERELY* appreciated your music and talent, and don't see that changing anytime soon. Thank you for sharing it even with all the ups and downs and ins and outs. I know how frustrating it got, but in the end, it's been more than worth it, no?

believe in yourself and the world believes with you.

8:29 PM  

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