Friday, February 02, 2007

another bend is here

i'm playing bend studio tonight
with david garza
i go on around 8
it's his birthday celebration show
i think it's going to be a good time
i have a new song
i wrote it yesterday
inspired by thoughts i had on this blog
it's called "saint georges"
i like it a lot
i want to play it for you tonight
so i'm trying to memorize all the words
playing it over and over and over again
i may even open with it
if i'm feeling particularly brash
lefler might sit in on a couple with me
if his back feels ok
i just sang gavie to sleep in his room
we were having a practice "concert'
for tonight
and he curled up in a ball
with his blankie
sucking his thumb
and after about 4 tunes
his eye lids started getting really heavy
and before i knew it
he was zonked out
it was nice


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